Literature From An African Lens : Reka Afrika’s Recommendations

Are you a book worm? Then fill up your book case with some African literature from Africa’s number one marketplace, Reka Afrika.

Reka Afrika’s Homeware Favorites : A Fusion of Modernity and Traditionalism

From traditional African designs, to modern and unique styles, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your home.

FESTIMA: The Festival of the Dancing Masks

The FESTIMA is the largest International Art and Mask Festival in West Africa founded by a group of university students in 1996.

Welcome to Afridentity

Dumela, salaam aleikum, teanastellen, Habari, Hallo, Molo, Mhoroi, Muli shani and hello world, welcome to Afridentity, a blog dedicated to putting Africa on the map.

The Past, Present and Future of South Africa Through Literature

Get to grips with African culture and history by reading some of the most popular books by the best African authors.